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Miscellaneous images captured by fans

(Please don't judge the quality of these, as different folks have different photo talents!)

Orange County Marketplace - November, 2019

(yes, sporting a scruffy beard!)

Orange County Marketplace - November, 2019

Fred's youngest granddaughter (age 7 at the time) drew this picture below of "Pop-pop singing and playing guitar!"  She really captured his passion, right!?


Three of Fred's four brothers (he has two sisters as well) had him join them "on stage" at their local Elks Lodge in Tucson, AZ.


(Rotate your device to better view the photo if using a phone)

That's John at the far left of the photo, singing and playing a mean plastic bucket drum, Fred with all the gadgets and gizmos on the mic stand, Bill in the striped shirt keeping the beer flowing, and at far right is Charlie on 2nd guitar.  Yes, that's 24 strings on stage, folks!  For those wondering, Fred is the eldest, followed by Tony (who isn't in the photo), then Bill, John, and finally Charlie.  Fred's two sisters, Kateri and Lili, are "between" Tony and Bill in age, and join us when we're together.  There's nothing like family harmonies!  We all grew up singing, so it's great to get to get all seven of us together when we can.

Elks Lodge in Newport Beach

June 2020

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