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All about Fred

Fred Thomke singing guitarist

Fred Thomke, a native of Pennsylvania, has lived in southern California since 1977.  His passion for music started in first grade, singing in the boys' choir at the local church as a soprano.  At the age of 14, after enduring the inevitable pubescent voice change and progressively trying (and abandoning) various school band instruments, he found the true instrumental yin for his vocal yang -- he settled on the guitar as his accompany instrument of choice.  “Besides,” he thought, “chicks really dig guitar players!” 


He later added harmonica, and is currently dabbling and twiddling with the banjo, mandolin, and the ukulele.  Hey, chicks dig ukulele players, too, don’t they?

Fred has experimented with various forms of musical expression since then, starting with the prerequisite rock 'n roll garage bands, then progressing to the two-, three-, four-, and five-piece casual bands, playing anything and everything from country to folk to blues to polkas to alternative rock. Weddings, receptions, club work, backyard private parties, corporate banquets, and county fairs are his typical gigs. This is all while maintaining a regular "day job" in the electronics industry.

He also held a challenging and rewarding "side job" as a church choir director for over 25 years. Yes, it was not unusual to find him in a local smoke-filled bar or tavern on Friday and Saturday evening belting out "Proud Mary" and "Johnny B. Goode" 'til the wee hours, and then see him in church on Sunday morning leading the congregation in a soulful, heartfelt rendition of "Amazing Grace"!

Fred retired from his day-job at QSC, LLC in Costa Mesa, after more than 26 years.  He is now able to attain his musical nirvana throughout Southern California. His solo act brings many styles of music together in a way that's great for parties or simply relaxing with friends. Be sure to catch Fred at a venue near you, or contact him for your next party or special event.

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